(Okay, folks, I know I haven’t been on much the past two days, but it’s mostly because I’ve been making myself do work for the convention in August and working on another character blog.

However! Due to trying to keep my wrists from imploding, I’m taking today off from the computer. I’m just gonna sit, and do video games that don’t strain my arms. And if I can’t stand it, I’ll just sketch in my sketchbook.

See y’all tomorrow!)

Send me “Librarian!” + a number and I’ll grab the closest book, flip to that page number, and make us a starter using a random line of text from said page!



I officially lost all the respect for Pitch Black as an autentic villain after seeing THIS from now on, I will never be afraid of drawing anything showing him as the doofus he is yes


"Ah, now that, that was fun."

Visiting a Star II shiningsilverarmor

Muse made her way to the ruins her friend called his home. She had always meant to ask how he had wound up in such a place as his living space, but that was probably something she could ask about later. She held a small parcel in her hands; left over cookies from her and Avaline’s Easter brunch.
She poked her head in the usual places until she found him. He was packing what looked like a picnic basket. She knocked on the doorframe to announce her presence.
"I made it! But, um, if you need to bring that to someone, I can wait," she said, not sure what to make of it. Had she come early, or something?

(Sorry I haven’t been on much today! I woke up really determined to get some work done, and that took up a chunk of my day. 

I had a nightmare the con was on Friday and I hadn’t gotten any of my prints done! @A@;;; It was terrifying!!

That, and I’ve been goofing around on a new character’s account to get the feel of her. »;; Come on over and say hi, if you want!)

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