"Well, hey, if I had to pick between you or Sterling, I thought you’d be fairly happy with who I’d go with!"

ஐ—-“Speaking of Sterling, when are you two finally going to confess? It’s quite an annoyance you see.”

She seems to get quiet at that.
"I… I’m not actually sure that’s going to happen."
She waves a hand as if to reassure him.
"Don’t worry though! It’s, um… It’s probably for the best."

(Freaking hek, all these great memes and awesome people are online and I HAVE TO GO BED UGH)



ஐ—-“It’s amazing how most of you would behead me before any means to bed or marry me. Peachy.”

"Well, hey, if I had to pick between you or Sterling, I thought you’d be fairly happy with who I’d go with!"

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Muse, Muse, and Muse.


Meme: Bed, Wed, Behead

"Get beheaded after me and Muse wake up in the same bed after being unknowingly wed."

"Wha- I wouldn’t hurt you! Gosh, awful lot of faith you have in me…" She grumbles.

❖ (Whisker kisses, whee~!)


Magolor leaned in and gave the woman the whiskeriest kiss on the cheek possible.

Cue a giggling muse that nearly falls out of her chair. “Ahahah~! Ohmygoodness, that tickles, heehee!”

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Ginko, Pitch, Humphrey

Meme: Bed, Wed, Behead

She was almost tempted to just refuse to do this one. No matter how she cut it, she was left with choices she didn’t like.

"Behead Pitch, because I don’t like the other two options with him, thank you." She thought about the next two.
"I don’t think Humphrey would be very happy being married to me, but I don’t think he’d want me in bed either. But given the choice, at least bed would only be temporary. And marry Ginko, but only because it’s the last one left. I don’t think he’d be very happy either… He’s got to travel, after all."

Ginko, Ginko, Ginko.

Meme: Bed, Wed, Behead

"Well, if I do it all in that order, maybe we can re-enact one of the tragedies my sister wrote."

Spring, Starling, Sterling

Meme: Bed, Wed, Behead

Muse giggles. “Oh, look, alliteration!” This one was hard though. Maybe if she went by which ones would have the least amount of bad consequences…

"Well, I’m fairly certain I can’t kill Spring… I like the world still going on as it is. Actually, maybe I’d bed him, considering it wouldn’t have much effect on anything. And then…" Darn, these last two were hard…

"Behead Sterling, only because I could never do that to Starling. I mean, I couldn’t do that to him either, but this is all hypothetical anyway."
She turned fairly pink at the idea of marriage and Starling though.
"UmwedStarling, obviously, i-it’s the only one I’ve got left…"