This Blog Is Now Archived!


Don’t know what that means? That’s okay, keep reading!

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This Blog Is Now Archived!

Don’t know what that means? That’s okay, keep reading!

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Sudden Movie Stream: The Prince of Egypt ▷


Come on in! Quick, before my internet gives out again! ;A;

Then maybe when we’re done, I’ll do some more comic work!

If you’ve never heard of this movie, it’s probably one of Dreamworks’ most beautiful 2D movies, next to Spirit: Stallion of the Cimeron. It really is inspired, in my opinion, and it’s total eye candy on top being a really fantastic interpretation of a well-known Bible story.

(This blog is pretty much on hiatus until who knows when, but since this is Dreamworks, I figured I’d reblog it over here. Come on in!)

Disney Double Feature: "Frozen" and "Tangled" ▷


Welp, I couldn’t decide. We’ll do “Frozen” first, then “Tangled.” Unless everyone in the stream yells loud enough for “Tangled.” I’ll give y’all about 10-15 minutes to show up and cast yer votes.

Today Was a Junk Day.


Who wants to watch “Frozen” with me so I can feel better by watching fun Disney songs?

(I’m also considering RoTG, The Croods, or just something with fun songs. I’ll post a stream link when I finally decide.)

Fundraising Event! With Really Fun Prizes and Goals! YAY!



So, I got the estimate from the printer yesterday about how much all the prints for Bronycon are going to cost, and it’s pretty steep… It’s around $477 dollars! Yowza!

That’s a bit much for Neros and I at the moment, given that we also need to figure out how we’re getting $300 together for gas to get to and from Baltimore as well. (Although I’ll most likely do more $25 commission specials.) Piled on top of all that, his unemployment runs out next month, and we’re also a little worried about how we’re going to keep a roof over our head in July. However, I have faith that we’re going to be alright. Nothing terrible has happened to us yet, after all, and we faced this a few months ago! 

Right now, I’m more worried about getting stuff printed, and actually having product at the table though, considering that Bcon is only two months away!! And, y’know, I’d rather have stuff for people to see, and not… Uh, an empty-ish table…

So, here’s how you can help us get that $477, and what you get for helping! And I’m really excited about these rewards because they work out for everyone, and a few of them are really fun! Hek, one of them is an in-character Pokemon Ruby/Saphire run! I’d wanna do that!!


First off, everyone who donates above $30 gets one of the test prints I’ve got right now of the Nightmare Moon miniprint mailed to them. These are all one of a kind, all on a different kind of paper!

If you donate above $50, you get one of the test prints and a sketch page mailed to you!

Along with the rewards, we also have milestone rewards that benefit everyone this time!
This is all in regards to the Equestrian Royalty Series that will be premiering at BronyCon. Or you all might get to see it early if the goals are reached! These rewards are also stackable, meaning if we hit $200 or $300 all at once, you’ll get everything below it.

If we get $100 or more, I’ll release the Nightmare Moon redraw early on the web.

If we get $200 or more, I’ll release the Princess Cadance redraw and the brand new Princess Twilight Sparkle image early.

If we get $300 or more, I’ll stream the Princess Luna redraw, and include cake somewhere in the Princess Celestia redraw.

If we get $400 or more, I’ll stream the Queen Chrysalis redraw, AND create a Queen Silverwing variant of it. ON TOP of all that, I’ll do an in-character stream, featuring Filly Chrysalis or Korra, in a Pokemon Ruby or Saphire run. (I’d prefer Korra since it would strain my voice less though!) You guys get to decide if we do Ruby or Saphire, AND get to pick the starter!

That’s all for now, folks! I’m actually really excited about all this! If we’re able to do this, it’ll be a lot of fun for everyone, and I’m really looking forward to being able to give back to you all for all the help you’ve given my tiny family and I these past few months. I really think I have the best followers, hands down, and I wish that I just had crazy magic art powers so I could update every day for you all just to show how much I appreciate your support.

You can donate by popping over to the FQC page and clicking the Donate button!

Don’t feel bad if you can’t donate! Just spread this around, and that’ll be enough. Also, every bit will help with this, trust me. Even if we don’t get the whole $400 from donations, I’m sure Neros and I can wrangle something together. We just need a boost so it isn’t as hard on us.

Alright, good luck all!! And thank you so much for being so wonderful and fantastic!

Here we go!!!! Time to get my butt in gear, and get stuff ready for Bronycon. But we need help! Since Neros and I are still very much broke. OTL I wish we weren’t, trust me, and then we could do all this by ourselves. But we kind of can’t right now, and would appreciate the help!!

(Hey guys. I just wanted to pop over and say sorry for not really being here.

I’m having a hard time being motivated to be on this account anymore, mostly because I don’t really DO much to begin with. I only RP with a few people now, so it can be tough to hit the log in button.

I’ll see what I can do, but this isn’t going to solve itself, y’know?)

Food Sentence Meme


"You ate a whole container of cookies in one day!"
"I brought ranch dressing too."
"Pass the icecream."
"Bacon makes everything better. Everything."
"The cake is a lie."
"How come everything tastes chicken?"
"Wanna get breakfast?"
"Toast and ginger-ale can fix pretty much anything."
"Bread makes you fat?"
"Gelato isn’t vegan?"
"Oh, man, I love strawberries!"
"Wanna get coffee?"
"Meat is murder!"
"I don’t like green food."
"If I pay extra, can I get some fat and salt?"

Emotion Based Starter Sentences
"A smile looks pretty on you-- wear one more often."
"Don't look so happy."
"I'm honestly jealous of you."
"I feel so loved."
"I hate to see you cry."
"Please don't be angry."
"Please don't cry."
"Somebody's in a bad mood."
"There is nothing I love more than seeing you happy."
"What's got you in such a good mood?"
"You crying makes me want to cry."
"Your eyes are even prettier when they're not filled with tears."
"You're making me upset."