Drabble: Child

To say Muse was terrified of the baby was an understatement. She was absolutely petrified of the small being, and had refused to have anything to do with it the second Howl had come to her with it. He had gotten it into his head that since she was  a woman that she would be more naturally inclined to being good with this kind of thing, but in all honesty, the mere thought of children made her a nervous wreck. He was in the process of trying to talk her into holding the small bundle while he looked around for something to feed it.

”Oi, for goodness sakes, Muse, jus’… Oh God, jus’ put out yer arms, fer heaven’s love!” he said, trying to hand her the whimpering babe.

"Are you crazy?! No, don’t even-!! I’ll kill it, I don’t know anything about babies!"

"Well, neither do I, but yah don’t see me bawkin’! Jus’ hold her fer a little bit!"

"No, no, no, Howl, don’t-!! I said, dooooon’t-!!"

He finally got close enough with the baby to push her into Muse’s flailing arms, ignoring her protests. As soon as he managed to slip her into the muse’s arms, she froze, looking down at the little face in sheer terror. The infant stared back, looking as if it was deciding to cry or not. She gave it a nervous grin.

"Hiiii, little… Thing?" she tried out. The babe started to whimper again, twisting her mouth into the beginnings of  a wail. Muse nearly started shouting.

"Oh, no, no, it’s okay!! I’m sorry!! Shhh, shhhh!" The baby ignored her pleadings and presently burst into angry and noisy tears.

"AH!! No, now, really, I’m sorry!! Oh Hera, what do I do?!" Muse babbled to herself, the infant howling in her arms for some unknown reason. There had to be something she could do! She couldn’t just let the poor thing scream itself to death, it was just a baby after all.

"Did yah drop her?!" Howl’s shout echoed from the kitchen. Muse hugged the poor thing closer as if keeping it from doing such a thing, glaring in the direction of his voice.

"NO, I did NOT! She’s just really hungry! Hurry up in there!!" she called back over the baby’s cries.

She started to bounce the small being, some strange knowing making her do it, even though she was pretty sure she had never held a child before. The cries seemed to quiet the slightest, and she started to walk around a bit, still gently bouncing the bundle. Something in the back of her mind had started to talk over her initial terror, the suggestion that maybe singing would be a good idea. Oh, why hadn’t she thought of that before? A song from a muse could calm anything down.

Howl came back from the kitchen, a makeshift bottle of goats milk in his hands, since he had remembered from somewhere that straight cow’s milk was bad for babies. Muse was quietly singing something he couldn’t quite make out, the baby gone silent in her arms as she did. He crept over, and looked into the bundle in her arms. The baby’s eyes were slowly drifting shut. He gestured towards the bottle, miming if she wanted it. Muse nodded her head vigorously, and he carefully angled the bottle into the child’s mouth. The baby brightened up considerably, sucking noisily at the food. Howl grinned at her, the excitement nearly bursting out of him,

"Ha! I told yah you could do it," he said, triumphantly. Muse rolled her eyes.

"I got lucky, that’s all." she said, watching the little girl feed.

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